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Barbara ter Huurne came into contact with change management more than ten years ago. In the role of managing project manager at one of the largest Dutch banks, she quickly created positive impact. A prelude to the years that followed.

Barbara has made an impact in several industries as a human, result-oriented change manager. Think of large multinationals such as Bosch and Philips. Thanks to the combination of her strong analytical skills and understanding around behavior, she created success after success in strategic business transformation.

A reward of ‘excellence’ and recognition on a global level was a welcome event. She is a multidisciplinary sparring partner with experience in Lean transformations, Agile operations, compliance, privacy, audits and overall digital transformation. Inspiring leadership is the catalyst of every transformation.

She travels and speaks internationally in an inspiring, motivating way to set people and business in motion. ‘Reality is only perception’ is her motto and why that is so crucial in change management can be explained by her in a most fun-and practical understanding.

Barbara is a valued keynote speaker at Global Women Co. and the Dutch Platform:

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Inspire for strategic change

(Agile) Mindset and sustainable employability

Creative power and disruptive innovation

The future of leadership

Women in tech

Barbara’s lectures and presentations are considered valuable and accessible, among other things, by the degree of practical applicability.


When change is the only constant – being more and more unpredictable than ever – even the largest corporates encounter new challenges.

Making their business structures agile enough to adapt and innovate at disruptive environments whilst keeping employees healthy, happy and motivated in the meantime is the objective of this era.

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