Barbara ter Huurne

Advocate for managing change

Helping you drive change in your organization

Hi, I’m Barbara. I am passionate about what drives human behavior in change. Next to my love for innovation, technology and business drivers I understand the key to successfull change.


Over the past ten years Barbara ter Huurne has proven herself to know how to guide (corporate) change in a variety of sectors and companies at for example Rabobank, UVIT, Bosch, TPS, Philips and Yacht. She manages to create great results by guiding transformation in (IT) business structures by incorporating the corporate culture in innovate ways.
She builds the bridge between business analytics and human behavior making the vision and mission practical to adapt and follow through within all the layers of the organization. Success guaranteed.

She has been acknowledged for her work at Bosch internationally and received the ‘Excellence’ acknowledgement from Yacht in 2012.

As an MBA-to be and proud member of Women Corporate Directors and Global Women Club she expands her knowledge of change, business optimization by innovation and leadership 2.0 as an international speaker. Her book ‘Pimp je perceptie’ was sold out within six months. Helping individuals to understand their mindset and enhance personal leadership in a practical method called M.I.N.D.S.E.T.®. As the founder of this method Barbara is aiming to prevent burn-out, aiding corporates to help employees adapting to this new world or rapid change. In her belief this new mindset of trust and agility is needed to keep mental balance.

My Values & Beliefs

The impact of change on humans.

“Where organizational design focusses primarily on analysis and data the human factor is often not a priority. Informal stakeholdermanagement and underlying social structures are no equal variable but nonetheless an important factor for success. I combine both worlds in making a change”

First time right.

“I am a firm believer of long-term goals over quick wins: quality over fast results. Depending the circumstance quality is more and more important in an environment where the focus on customer intimacy is growing”. 

Common sense.

“I believe intuition is an important asset in driving change next to rational decision making. Talk to your stakeholders, experience their perspective on change. Use your common sense in driving change: if it doesn’t feel good, it often isn’t.”


“I have helped thousands of people from directors to employees to cope with (corporate) change in the form of a consultant, international speaker and writer. I feel that we can create a positive impact towards a circular, healthy economy by understanding and applying what is needed to stay creative (innovate), keep balance (mindset) and take responsibility to inspire others (leadership).”

Barbara is mentioned in media like Amsterdam Business Magazine, Transformation Academy podcasts, Grazia, keynote speaker for Global Woman and experienced speaker at

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When change is the only constant – being more and more unpredictable than ever – even the largest corporates encounter new challenges.

Making their business structures agile enough to adapt and innovate at disruptive environments whilst keeping employees healthy, happy and motivated in the meantime is the objective of this era.

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