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“The best way to cope with change is to help create it.”

Pragmatic leadership

Your partner in increasing adaptability for strategy and creating a culture where growth mindset thrives.

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International public speaker, author and coach in mindset, leadership and managing change.

Helping You Achieve Success

Unlock your unique core capabilities .

Every organization is unique in its own way.  Having their own legacy, their specific branche assets and build-up competitive advantage . Re-inventing your organizations core capabilities will help build a culture of trust, loyalty and high motivation.  

Longing to make your unique assets of greatest value?

Crave for transformation that is embedded in the entire organization?

Driven to create empowered leadership potential?

Want to create synergy in intellectual capabilities?

Inspired to innovate in technology and want to know 'what's in it for you'?


A high result driven organization creates an optimum by addressing emotional intelligence.


Alone we can do so much, together we can move mountains. Create multidisciplinary teams.


Leadership is of great influence in company culture and results. What are the perfect leadership competences for you? 

Driving change

What is the core competence for continuous improvement for maximum effective adaptation?

Why is it so important to manage change for every leader?

There is a  cycle of change we  can define as a circle of continuous improvement. How do you implement a framework  like this in your organization and why should the first phase be driven by an independent change manager?


When impacted of influenced by a business transformation or change assignment fear could interrupt with independent decision making: the political bias. Next to that being in the same working environment day in day out can bias your view on the current state of the organization and steps needed to evolve.


Change almost always comes with resistance. A natural human reaction to the possible loss of security, rational or not. An independent advisor can help you coach and guide your employees to a growth mindset: making change the constant variable.

Business needs

A person who is focussed on gathering and spreading information for change communication benefits makes sure that the business needs are met. Not only the business needs of the market, but also business needs of the internal organization. 


A fresh new take by someone who has seen a variety of companies, branches and structures can katalyze innovation. Insights in trends, best practises from a broader reference can create new creative possibilities. 


A very important aspect of change and transformation is the speed and quality of communication. Mixing the right competences within this communication, coaching (leadership) and mediate where necessary are important measures. The change manager is the katalysor of guided movement in a changing organization until the line functions implement the design operationaly. 

Exciting challenge.

When change is the only constant – being more and more unpredictable than ever – even the largest corporates encounter new challenges.

Making their business structures agile enough to adapt and innovate at disruptive environments whilst keeping employees healthy, happy and motivated in the meantime is the objective of this era.

More to get you going.


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Synergy: together we can achieve more. Contact me if you are interested in a collaboration.

Every business transformation can be a success. Just mix the right ingredients in the process.

When you combine the strength of high qualitative analysis with an equal amount of attention to human behavior every transformation can be a success. 

More often there is an unawareness of the factor ‘human’ and what motivates him and her. 
When you lead with a growth mindset, empower with mission and build trust you can transform the informal part of your organizational culture. 

The most important factor for change success. 

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